You will need:

  • Candle of your astral color and of the day of the week, light blue, orange, and white candles
  • dream incense (lavendar or mugwort)

Best day to perform this on: Whenever you want to induce dreams

Arrange the candles on the altar with the astral candle in the middle, the light blue and white together above the astral candle and the orange just below the astral candle.

Light the astral candle, say:

Here am I the subject of this rite.

Light the light blue candle, say:

Here burns tranquillity and patience, necessary for the accomplishment of the desire.

Light the orange candle, say:

Here is the attraction of that desire, that I may dream the dreams I would wish and see and experience all that I will.

Light the white candle, say:

For Truth in all that I see, is this flame lit.

Close your eyes for a moment and see yourself enveloped in white light. After a few minutes open your eyes again and say:

Whence comes the wind that blows softly through the trees?
And wither does it go?
Yet in its gentle passing do we not feel
Its soft velvet touch upon our cheek?
Like the flutter of butterfly wings,
Now sensed; now lost!
For all is reality we cannot reach in and touch,
And grasp the wind.
It is there; yet it is not!
How real too is our sense of sight
When we see, in dreams, the ones we love.
Again we see them and talk to them,
And walk and love again.
Yet are they there?
Will they come when we call?
Can we see and do what we will?
Yes, and yes again. ‘Tis true.
All that which we desire to see, to experience,
In our dreams, is ours for the asking.
Will, and it shall come!
Ask, and it shall be given.
Know that the power is within us,
And all that we desire shall be ours!

Sit quietly for a few minutes before extinguishing the candles.

This ritual should be performed when dreams are desired.

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