This spell will help to clear away any lingering negative energies and form a shield of protection around your home. It is a good idea to thoroughly clean the house and smudge with sage leaves before performing the spell. It is best worked on a Full Moon.

You will need:

  • sage leaves
  • charcoal blocks
  • 4 obsidian arrowheads
  • white candle
  • protection incense

Take a handful of sage leaves and burn on a charcoal block. Whilst the leaves are burning, say:

All negativity now disperse. May this house be cleansed, free of all bad forces, thoughts and energies. May it remain so.

Light the candle at the centre of the house on a flat surface. Take the obsidian arrowheads and place one to point to the North and say:

I place an arrow to the North and ask that all bad forces may be buried in the earth.

Place an arrowhead pointing to the East and say:

I place an arrow to the East and ask that all negativity may be blown away by the wind.

Place an arrowhead pointing to the South and say:

I place an arrow to the South and ask that all ill feeling may be burnt by flame.

Place an arrowhead pointing to the West and say:

I place an arrow to the West and ask that all harmful intent may be washed away by water.

Visualise all negative energy leaving your home. No new ones may enter. Picture a shield of white light glowing around your house. Nothing negative is able to penetrate it. Say:

A shield I place around this house and ask that nothing negative may enter. Let the shield remain in place all the days and nights until the next moon is full.

Burn a protection incense and say:

I now burn this incense
Let the smoke empower the arrows
Let the smoke strengthen the shield
Let nothing harmful enter
I thank the powers and the elements
This spell is now complete

Leave the candle and incense to burn out.

Renew this spell every Full Moon as necessary.

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