Does your temper sometimes get the best of you? Take a few minutes to perform this easy spell to you help keep a cool head. Your supplies are:

• A few spoonfuls of mint leaves
• Tablespoon or more of honey
• Water and a teacup

Heat the water to just boiling, and pour over the mint leaves. Take a few deep breathes and inhale the aroma of the mint as it steeps. Let your anger evaporate along with the steam. Strain out the leaves and add honey to the tea.

Let it cool a bit, and drink. As you enjoy your mint tea, repeat the following a few times:

Cool my mind, leaves of mint
Honey, sweeten my intent
My attitude has to change
Anger must go out of range

This should help you cool off, and see the situation in a better perspective. Sit quietly until the entire cup of tea is finished.

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