On May Eve, coax your cat to go with you to a pond or a rushing stream, and take with you a mirror, a man’s silk handkerchief, and a white candle with some tinder to light it.

When you reach the water’s edge, light the candle, hold it up to the moon, and intone this rune

Lovely Freya, Queen of the Moon
Bring my true love to me by the month of June.

As the moon rises, call puss and let her study her wide-eyed face in the mirror for a little while. Then turn your back to the water and hold the mirror aloft so that it reflects the moon, and also her reflection on the water. Place the silk handkerchief over your face and count the number of moons which appear in the mirror. If there are but two, a twelve month must pass before you are wed, but if there are more, their number represents the months which must pass before you are wed.

If your cat is strong in magick, your true love’s face will appear in the mirror, as still as the reflection of the moon, just for an instant.

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