You will need:

  • 1 red candle
  • 1 white candle
  • piece of paper and pen

Light each candle on your altar, or table where they won’t be disturbed. On the paper, write the qualities you are looking for in a partner. Be realistic and keep the list to no more than 6 things.

Tear the paper in half, and burn one half in the red candle flame and the other half over the white candle. An ideal partner should soon come into your life.

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  1. MarisRita 8 years ago

    3months ago my younger sister came to ask for little money from me, if I had it, I won’t have discussed it with my fiancee . When I told him he said that he don’t have and then said, she is a girl right, can she make some cash for herself? Then I said, she’s been looking for a job. He replied me by, she’d gonna have to sleep for cash. I said, how? Then he said, my sister should be sleeping with men and get paid. Then I angrily slapped him. That was what brought our separation. I’ll call him he won’t pick or call back the last message he mailed was. Go away you stupid bitch. And stop calling me. I have cried then I became used it. Last 3days ago while surfing around the Internet I came across a site that talks about Ex back then I click it and saw, lots of comments some was about those have problems some needing help, and so many comments was about praising sunlight. At first I notice how powerful she might be. Sunlight goddess of the queen mother durga mother of the seas queen of the universe. Below was her mail, [email protected] so I  copy then I mailed her with my problems. She replied and welcome me very much and then tell me what to do. That morning I was less busy so I took my time to follow instructions. Then she send me the rules of the ritual at first I was afraid when I read it, but I continued so everything was done and she just told me to wait for him and she never mailed again. Few hour, that morning. My Ex called me crying on the phone begging me before I knew he was till on the phone the knocked the door to my house and knee. Then, I was shocked then I ran speechless for a while. Next day of it still I did not mail to thank I thought this was a setup then I gave her email to my friend who has been sick then she mailed her. this morning of it my friend came to my place to thank after she read her rules, then goddess sunlight sent her some spiritual after she read, she just sneeze and it’s was as if life came through her that was how she was cured from Hiv. Then she said she should show me what she read, after she opened her hotmail the message that contains the words went blanked then she screamed said, I have never see such thing before. She looked at me I was weeping so she was, right then was just write appreciating mails to her for her goodness. From that day me and my man we are so happy even more that we were before

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