You will need:

  • A dish of Water
  • Pale Blue candle
  • Lavender Incense
  • Clear Quartz Crystal
  • Piece of Paper and a pen. (I use a silver ink pen)

To be performed by a waning moon on a Saturday and/or at dusk.

Ground and Centre.

Cast a circle

Invoke the Water element either by visualizing waves crashing onto rocks or by swirling your hands in the bowl of water or by calling the element in the traditional way.

Write the name of the person you are trying to heal on the paper. Place this on a candle plate with the clear quartz crystal on their name. Place the candle on top of the paper too.

Light the Candle and Lavender Incense.

Place the quartz into the dish of water.

Hold your hands over the dish of water. Ask the element of water to charge the crystal with it’s healing energy.

Remove the crystal and dry it on some blessed kitchen towel.

Place the crystal ontop of the paper beside the candle. Now hold your hands over the candle flame. Send your own energy, the incenses aroma power and the candles energy, through the crystal, with your hands into the name of the person.


Weak Body, Grow Strong,
Gain in strength, Ill health be gone.

Build these energies and when ready release into the crystal.

Let the candle burn out the energy being directed into the person. Give the crystal to the person needing healing. Perhaps you could wrap the crystal in a piece of blue cloth or silk

Open circle
Ground and centre.

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