(can be used for weight loss)

You will need:

  • 1 White candle or your birth-color candle
  • Incense: violet, strawberry, pineapple, orange, allspice, aloe or daffodil

Light the candle. From that flame, light the incense. Watch the smoke rise and visualize your wish. Be specific while concentrating on your wish. Say the following:

Smoke be the messenger of this rite;
Carry high my thoughts and dreams
With your tendrils curling so.
Whisper my wishes in the wind.
Carry my aspirations to the stars,
My deep feelings to the moon,
The light inside me to the sun,
My fears to the distant planets.
Let my message fall to the earth
After being sent up by fire.
Flow through water calm and clear
And let the air raise it again
To North, East, South, and West
Down to the Earth and up to the Sky.
Goddess hears my wish.
Let this smoke be my messenger
As the Fire burns.
So mote it be.

When you are done, let the incense and candle burn out.

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