Beauty, healing, psychic powers and protection.

Carry or use in bath magick to obtain beauty from within and make your body more desirable.

Wear around the neck to ward off illness and prevent wounds.

Use the leaves in healing or protection incenses.

Use in bath water if you feel your sickness has been caused by a hex.

Also Called: Consumptive’s Weed, Gum Plant, Gum Bush, Bear’s Weed, Bear Weed, Mountain Balm, Tar Weed, Tarweed, Holy Herb, Sacred Herb


Yerba Santa (the name means Holy weed) is a famous domestic remedy from south-western N. America where it is considered to be especially useful as an expectorant. It is an ingredient of many patent cough medicines.

The leaves are an aromatic pleasant tasting tonic herb that reduces spasms, expels phlegm and lowers fevers.

They are especially recommended for treating diseases of the chest and respiratory system, including asthma, and are also used in the treatment of hay fever.

A bitter tea made from the leaves has been much used as a bitter tonic and a stimulating balsamic expectorant.

A steam bath made from the branches and leaves has been used in the treatment of rheumatism.

A decoction of the leaves has been used as a wash for sore areas and painful fatigued limbs.

A natural mouthwash is prepared by rolling the leaves into balls and allowing them to dry in the sun.

These are then chewed and at first have a bitter flavour but this is soon replaced by a sweetness if a drink of water is taken.

The plant has been smoked as a remedy for asthma.

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