Mummy Candle
Traditionally, this candle is used to acquire success and power. We prefer to use to ward off illness, dangerous situations, or the specter of death.

Novelty Candle
Any candle that is not housed in glass and has a shape other than cylindrical. Some examples of the Novelty Candle are the Cat Candle, the Skull Candle, the Seven Knob Candle, and the Adam and Eve Candles.

Novena Candle
generally, this is a seven- to twelve-day, glass-enclosed candle. Frequently it is inscribed with pictures of various Saints along with prayers or chants on the reverse.

Seven-Day Novena
This long-burning candle is housed within a thick, heat resistant glass, and comes in three varieties: Plain Novena, the Spiritual Novena, and the Specialty Novena. Each comes unscented and in a variety of colored wax and glass casings.

  • Plain Novena: This is an unmarked Seven-Day Candle found in a variety of colours.
  • Spiritual Novena: This candle comes with various depictions of Saints or Holy Personages on the glass container along with specific prayers or petitions to that Saint. The scene in which the Saint is depicted is usually a clue as to the Saint’s power and use.
  • Specialty Novena: This candle is made of specific colors and sports specific designs on the glass container. It is named for the various actions it is to perform, and is often confused with the Novelty Candle. Remember, Novelty Candles do not come in glass containers and are not cylindrically shaped. Their names include Lucky 13, Controlling, Double Action, Reversible and many others.

Offertory Candle
This is the name for the main candle that offers your desires, goals, or wishes out to the Universe for manifestation. It is also known as a Purpose Candle.

Pillar Candles
Pillar candles are the rather large, thick candles, often around 8″ high and 4″ thick or so. They come in all colours and can be found both scented and unscented. They burn for a long time and are very useful as altar candles, as they must be the first candles lit, and the last ones extinguished. As they come in yellow, green, blue, red, and purple (as well as white), they are excellent for those of us who have large, safe spaces to set a wide Circle with the directions marked by them. Even though they are large enough to stand easily on their own, I recommend heat-safe plates or holders to set them on. It keeps stray wax from getting on the working space. On a very rare occasion, I have seen a candle suddenly melt down only one side, pouring wax everywhere! Fortunately, a plate stopped much of this wax from integrating with my carpet. I suggest you keep this in mind when you practice!

Phallus Candle
A candle in the shape of the male organ, it can be used for anything dealing with male sexuality, sterility, or impotence.

Protection Candle
A candle of any shape and size. The colour here is what counts. Burn a White candle or a Saint Candle whenever doing destructive Magick (banishing disease, for example) to protect yourself from harm. Also use Silver if you are doing destructive Magick against another person who also knows Magick.

Should your Magick return unexpectedly, neutralize it with a Gray Candle.

Some Novena Candles are considered Protection Candles. San Capistrano to keep away enemies; Saint Anthony for a job; Saint Jude for court problems; Sacred Heart fro Marriage; Santa Clara for drug and addiction problems; Saint Michael for general protection. Whenever using the Saints, always write down your desire nine times on parchment and tape it to the candle bottom.

Using the Saints is not hard as the prayers are usually inscribe right into the candle containers.

Rebirthing Candle
A candle, with three or more days of burning time, that is used to guide the dead across to peace and rest.

Separation Candles
Separation Candles are red on the inside, black on the outside, and completely unscented. These are very powerful candles, so think carefully before using them. They break ties, and can be very aggressive. They are typically used to divide people, especially those in abusive relationships, or when a person is enthralled with a person who takes advantage of them and hurts them. Often, they are not used by the victim of the abuse themselves, but by someone who has the sense to see what is going on from the outside (as too often, the abused feels responsible for the abuse, or like there are no options but to accept the situation). Becaeuse these are so difficult to get ahold of, one option may be to buy a red candle and a black candle, or black wax. Melt the black wax and dip the red candle in it until the red is completely covered. Then wait for it to harden, usually a couple of hours, before burning.

Skull Candle
This candle, shaped in the form of a human skull, comes in several colors, the most common of which are Black, White, Red, and Green.

Traditionally, the Green Skull Candle is used to make someone who is gullible easier to separate fro his or her money. It can be used to heal mental or physical disorder of the mind, brain or cranium. We have used the Green Skull Candle to aid in memory retention fro College.

A Friend of ours had a brain tumour and asked for help. As the Black Skull is normally used to cause great harm, suffering and pain, we focused that destructive power and directed it toward the tumor. It stopped enlarging and then could be removed safely by surgery. We then used the Green Skull on a waxing Moon to promote health and healing.

The Red Skull could be used to force someone physically to move away or to make him or her fall out of love with another person. Of course, the reverse could also be attempted depending on the Moon Cycle.

The White Skull Candle is the best one to use to bend someone to your will, contrary to our chart, as the Yellow Skull is very hard to find. This is a very good reason to learn to make your own candles.

Skull Candles of the appropriate colors can be of great aid to activists who must deal with bureaucracies. The large entities can be equated to headless monsters that feed off the life energies of their employees. By using the Skull Candle to represent the thought form of the bureaucracy, you can tap this thought form’s energy and thus control much of what happens to it. By making the thought form feed upon itself, you can destroy it or allow it to restructure.

Snake or Bust Away Candle
This candle is used to break free or “bust away” from evil. It is used to break free of undesirable conditions, situations or habits.

Specialty Candle
The same as the Specialty Novena Candle mentioned previously. As the use of Novena and Specialty Candles varies a bit from my own method of candle Magick, the colors, oils, and traditional meanings will vary slightly from what has been told to you here in this site. As Anna Riva has a wonderful book entitled Devotions to the Saints, further reference is not required here.

Tealight Candles
Tealight candles are the tiny unscented candles you can buy in tins or plastic containers (although, I really recommend the metal kind due to plastics’ tendency to warp and melt with heat). Usually they are plain white, but sometimes come in other colours and scents. They are excellent for lighting chime candles and incense with, since they generally burn quickly and do not take up much room. The tins then make for excellent pots for charging herbs in later.

Vigil Candle
Any candle will suffice when burnt not only for a long period of time for another’s benefit but also to peacefully demonstrate for a cause or action.

Votive Candles
Votive candles are around 1.5-2″ high, 1-1.5″ thick, come in a variety of colours and are usually scented. You can often see these at 2-3/$1 at Dollar Stores. However, some colours are very hard to find and can only be purchased during some holidays; finding unscented ones can be difficult as well. They can substitute for chime candles in a pinch, but one must be careful that the scent of the candle does not clash with the spell, or the person using it. Some people are allergic to synthetic scents, something which would obviously prove problematic during spellcasting. These are also difficult for someone who is trying to hide their spellwork; why on earth are you lighting scented candles at 3AM again? Yeah. Unless you work nights, and 3AM is your evening, that can be pretty hard to explain.

Witch Candle
Traditionally used as an extremely potent love candle, the idea of being to “bewitch” your intended.

Yoni Candle
The female counterpart of the Phallus Candle. Shaped like a Vulva, this candle is used in sex Magick, safe birthing, and most anything dealing with women and their sexuality.

Zodiac or Astrological Candle
This candle is used to represent each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. It is specifically coloured, scented, and adorned with the information pertinent to the individual sign. Its use, normally in conjunction with other candles, is to represent your goal or target. The Zodiac Candle would be placed on the altar and then moved closer to the target candle to simulate the merging of the two.

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