For good luck and protection, it is well to call upon the Highland Fairy Cat, the Cait Sith.

Bind around your forehead, inside your bonnet, a bouquet of the mystic herbs chicory, henbane, and rue, and go by night to the summit of a small hill or a grassy knoll. Place seven white stones in a circle around you, and bless each one. Stand in the center and perform a song for the fairies. Say aloud before you begin:

This is for the fairies.

When you have finished, bow three times to the moon, and say aloud:

Fairies, I have danced for you,
Fairies, I have sung for you,
Now I pri’thee, send to me,
The Fairy Cat, the Spirit Cait Sith
My guide and safeguard for to be.

Having chanted the charm three times, you must cast the henbane upon where you have danced, and you must take home with you the seventh stone from which you formed the magickal circle, and the chicory and rue which comprised two parts of the nosegay bound about your brwo.

When you are home, brew yourself a tisane (tea) from the herbs, and go at once to your bedchamber to drink it, carrying the seventh stone with you.

Bless the stone with the sign of the Celtic Cross, anoint it with three drops of water from the tisane, and finish the rest before slipping into bed.

Once there, drop the stone beneath your bed at its head, so that its place on the floor corresponds with your pillow. Say the charm again three times before sleeping, and as you begin to dream, the Cait Sith will come to you and make itself known to you.

Never take the stone from beneath your be, letting it remain directly below the point where your head lies; and if it should happen that a stray cat presents itself to you, take it in, for it will harbour the spirit of the Cait Sith, and you may call upon the Cait Sith, and know that you have a friend and a protecting spirit at all times. Thank the fairies for this, and the kindly goddess of the moon, who is mother to all mortals.

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